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Located in Tyler, Texas, East Texas Medical Center (ETMC) has been named one of the nation’s 100 most wired healthcare facilities for the past seven years in a row by Hospitals and Health Networks, the journal of the American Hospital Association. The award is based on use of technology for safety and quality, customer service, disaster readiness, business processes and workforce management.

ETMC’s Challenge

ETMC needed to add 125 beds in 2010 for patients at its main facility, and decided to locate its emergency care clinic, diagnostic reference laboratory, and pediatrics physician’s clinic away from the headquarters location. The goal was to retain a seamless link for communications and voice mail systems, reading the same dialing plan.

Lantana’s Solution

In recognition of the critical nature of the hospital’s communication capabilities, Lantana conducted a network readiness assessment prior to fielding the IP telephony solution for ETMC. Lantana then tested the new Avaya network before installation.

To handles its communications needs, ETMC has deployed multiple Avaya Communication Managers with over 30 IP connected gateways. The Avaya IP telephony installation routes voice and data communications over ETMC’s existing fiber optic data network, with rack-mounted Avaya S88xx Media Server’s at the main hospital acting as the “Hub”. ETMC’s network now includes S8300’s, S8400’s, S8500’s as well as VPI Voice Recording, Polycom Wireless Solutions and Centralized EcAS Call Accounting for all sites.

In the healthcare field, support and reliability is absolute key. That was a top consideration when we decided to migrate from our Avaya Definity systems to an Avaya IP telephony solution. Now, all our communications travel over the data network, so it’s more cost-effective and efficient to manage, because we have a single infrastructure to consider and remote access to all of our capabilities.

Tim Arthur
Director of Telecommunications, Information Technology Department

The Result

At the main facility, the Physicians’ Care Group, an internal call center function, now handles scheduling and billing for doctors at 65 different offices across all of East Texas (about 12,000 square miles), including the 24 hour emergency clinic in Tyler. Callers dial into a central number, where they are connected with an attendant who books appointments for physicians whose offices are part of the EMTC group.

In addition, when hospital patients receive phone calls during their stay, operators at the hospital use personal computers and a “point-and-click” function to connect callers to patient’s rooms, instead of sorting through long lists of patients’ names. In addition to the upgrades, ETMC depends on Lantana Communications service operations center in Arlington, TX to monitor the switches around-the-clock.

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