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About Solis Women’s Health

Solis Women’s Health is a network of individual breast diagnostic centers with a unified purpose – delivering exceptional patient care. There physicians are focused exclusively on breast imaging and diagnostics, and doing it very well. When you visit a Solis facility, you can expect not only the best clinical care available, but a warm, inviting atmosphere as well. Solis understands that a breast exam can be an anxious time for a woman, which is why they strive to make their patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their visits.

Solis’s Challenge

Solis and Lantana formed a relationship in 2007. Solis was looking for a solution that could streamline the processes of each clinic and provide its patients the technology to make scheduling appointments easy.

Lantana’s Solution

Solis chose to go with a hybrid solution that could enable them to use digital, analog or IP phones where they made sense. Today, Solis has 18 sites, all with Avaya’s IP Office deployed. These sites all utilize the IP Office’s Small Community Networking to allow for interoffice dialing and the ability for call center agents to work across multiple sites. A centralized voicemail solution (Voicemail Pro/Preferred) supports all 18 sites and offers centralized management across all sites. Lantana also helped deploy an e-IVR for scheduling patient visits and appointment reminders.

Lantana continues to provide Solis Women’s Health with the necessary tools and resources to continually grow our business. We utilize Lantana for all of our telecommunication needs from equipment, licensing to wiring. The standards that Lantana adheres to are impeccable. I am constantly recommending Lantana Communications to other businesses as I know the level of service they will receive will be outstanding.

Solis Women’s Health
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