5 Trends in Customer Experience Management

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5 Trends in Customer Experience Management

January 30th, 2013

Any company worth its salt must actively listen to the voice of their customers. Realizing this, today’s organizations are turning their attention to customer experience (CX) management.

There are multiple touch points between your customers and your brand. CX management means focusing on the needs of the individual customer by tracking, organizing and managing customer interactions through all channels and throughout the customer lifecycle. Customer experience management is all about improving your results by adapting to how and where your customers interact with you.

We’ve reviewed five of the latest trends in CX management to help get you started:

  1. Multichannel Customer Interactions and Mobile Applications: According to Forrester, there has been a 24 percent increase in the usage of online chat as a customer communication channel. Expect to expand capabilities to easily switch interaction channels and support the management and optimization of cross-touchpoint customer experiences – from phone, to email, to social media, to online chat. Also, anticipate an increasing percentage of online sales via mobile devices. E-commerce giant eBay expects to see $2 billion in business transacted via mobile this year – versus $400 million in 2009.
  2. Voice-Enabled Knowledge: Apple’s Siri has led to a boom in voice technology over the past year. Consumers are coming to expect products and technology to recognize and respond to their voiced commands and questions in kind. Expect CX vendors to collaborate with voice technology vendors in order to create databases with this capability.
  3. Customer History: CX Management promotes the sharing of voice-of-customer across the organization. It is necessary to maintain an accurate record of the customer’s entire history with the company, from across (and available to) all touch points and channels. This ensures more personal, customized service.
  4. Employees are Customers Too:  It is vital to improve customer-employee interaction. Employees should be aware of changes the company is introducing, why the changes are being made, what the end-result of said changes will be and how the employee’s role fits into those changes. Companies need to ask the question “How does Employee Experience fit into the Customer Experience?”
  5. Tying the Customer Experience to Processes: Forrester expects more organizations to develop Target Operating Models (TOMs) – from which they can work backwards from the service to create appropriate operational processes.

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