Cost Control for the New Year

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Cost Control for the New Year

With a new year approaching, it’s a practical time for most companies to start talking budgets. The economy offers a light at the end of the tunnel, but business owners today know that being practical and practicing frugality in their planning is not only smart – it’s necessary.

Long gone are the days of excess. It’s become imperative for IT managers to be able to prove worth in their purchasing. Managing costs and employing every benefit your communication system offers don’t only help productivity; it directly affects the bottom line.

Here are a few tips on controlling costs with your phone system.

  • Lower cell phone/long distance bills: Manage your company’s cell phone and long distance charges by routing calls through the system and over broadband links.
  • Handle more calls with fewer people: Instead of using staff time to answer incoming calls, rely on the built-in intelligence in the system to route calls quickly and accurately. Program the system for priority call handling of key callers.
  • Eliminate conference calling fees: Many companies rely on third-party conference call services to keep teams working together. Today’s phones systems can provide you with a built-in conference bridge — enabling you to connect with your staff or your customers in a way you’ve never been able to before, and save thousands on service fees.
  • Add software: Add software to your system for capabilities such as tracking billable hours—let your phone do the admin work, not you.

There are many different ways your communication system can save you money – your phone system being just one of them. Do you have any other ways your system has helped your company’s bottom line? If so please share them with us. We are always looking for new ways to save our customers money.

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