In-Person Meetings Still Valuable. But Are They As Effective?

In-Person Meetings Still Valuable. But Are They As Effective?

A study done by Citrix Online finds that it’s not Gen Y who has the monopoly on technology use and social tools during the work day, but the Older Boomers and Gen X instead.  In fact, of the three generations, Gen Y is the least likely to use video conferencing, video chat and other web conferencing tools for work.  Gen X workers make up the majority of those who use social networking sites for business, although it is their younger counterparts who are most familiar with social media. 

The study findings also showed that even though the in-person meetings are still a big part of our workday norm, they aren’t necessarily viewed as effective (84 percent of all respondents have in-person meetings, but admit the goal of the meeting is rarely achieved.) Gen Y was found to be the least likely to pay attention in the meeting room and barely half (51 percent) found a great deal of importance for these meetings when making key decisions. It’s significant to point out that most of the Gen Yers aren’t high enough in the corporate ladder yet to be using the collaboration technologies suggested in this study for their daily duties.  The lag found in their use of these technologies needn’t worry anyone, as most are still in the process of building their (presumably virtual) rolodex.  It makes sense that their older colleagues have the advantage in the higher end collaboration solutions. 

Setting generational differences aside, the real excitement in these statistics is found in our inate hold to keep meetings personal.  In a press release Citrix sent out, Bernardo de Albergaria, vice president and general manager, global marketing and ecommerce of the company said this of the findings “One thing is clear: the human touch is incredibly important: the desire to see each other and interact on a personal level is not going away any time soon.”  People are naturally driven towards interaction with others.  A large 78 percent of those who said that they still like looking into other’s eyes attributed it to wanting to read body language.

With a growing desire for more efficiency and a cling to personal contact (that doesn’t look to be going anywhere any time soon), the future of virtual collaboration technologies looks to be bright. It will be exciting to see how these technologies will grow in terms of presenting new solutions to fit the our old needs and new pace of business.  

Citrix Press Release on the study and further findings can be found at:

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