Integration helps LifeSize take HD quality to Microsoft

Integration helps LifeSize take HD quality to Microsoft
LifeSize has brought HD video to the Microsoft unified communications (UC) platform. And in the coming months, the ties between Microsoft and LifeSize technologies are expected to grow even stronger. This summer, LifeSize earned full qualification with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2. The company is now working to achieve full qualification with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 as well. LifeSize already offers interoperability with Microsoft Lync and Lifesize endpoints, ensuring the most genuine, face-to-face interaction possible. Put simply, the Microsoft and LifeSize technologies will work together seamlessly, making it even easier for team members to establish and take part in video conferences. The results of this interoperability are clear and crisp. Users now can experience seamless video calling across the enterprise to connect from conference rooms, shared workspaces, desktop PCs and mobile platforms. And across all of these venues, LifeSize offers something the competition cannot: HD video quality. “LifeSize delivered the first HD video conferencing system in 2005, the first sub-$2,500 HD video product in 2009, and our commitment to innovation is realized today in yet another first – delivering on our promise to reach true interoperability across UC platforms,” said Craig Malloy, chief executive officer of LifeSize and Logitech senior vice president. “Through LifeSize and Logitech’s relationship with Microsoft and deep dedication to UC, we’re delivering on our vision to extend high quality communication capabilities to anyone, anywhere.” LifeSize’s interoperability with Microsoft platforms means that customers can enjoy a variety of communications services — email, video, chat or phone — from one single user interface. Colleagues, customers, partners and other business users can keep in touch with anyone, anywhere, regardless of location, whether it be the meeting or conference room, home office or on the road from any PC. “Microsoft is pleased to broaden our collaboration with LifeSize and to continue to offer customers a great video experience,” Kirk Gregersen, senior director for Microsoft Lync. “LifeSize has truly established itself as a leader in the video industry with solutions such as the LifeSize 220 Series endpoints.” So what does qualification mean? When a solution is fully qualified, it is offered comprehensive support from Microsoft, meaning that customers benefit from:
  • Authentication and encryption
  • Support for firewall/NAT traversal to ensure issue-free calling across organizations
  • Simply deployment, thanks to auto configuration
  • Presence status, meaning others within the company can see each other’s availability
  • LifeSize contact lists available in Microsoft Office Communicator
  • The ability to place and receive calls from one Office Communications Server account among either a PC or Lifesize system
  • Multi-party bridging

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