Is SIP trunking the Facebook of unified communications?

Is SIP trunking the Facebook of unified communications?
This article first appeared on Best in UC. In a recent podcast over on Unified Communication Edge, Subha Rama, the Senior Analyst in ABI Research’s Enterprise Communications Research Group projected VoIP-based enterprise communications platforms and services will generate more than $4 billion in revenue by 2015 and she asserts that this is largely due to the wide adoption of SIP trunking. If you’re in the UC industry, then you know all about SIP trunking—it’s been lurking on the outskirts of UC for more than a decade, but only now is it beginning to gain traction within the industry. “Why is it growing now? And why are you suggesting that SIP trunking is somehow related to Facebook?” you’re probably wondering.  Read on, my friend. The driving force behind the adoption of SIP trunking is the same force that is driving Facebook’s new messaging system: the quest for simplicity. Think about it: Facebook succeeds because it enables people to connect with friends and family, share photos and even invite people to real-life events—all in one place. And the new messaging feature is integrating email, SMS and chat, so it’s virtually seamless communication across any platform. Now compare that to SIP trunking. Sip trunking is managed on one network, unlike the legacy players—TDM and IP. For the IT department, that means less cabling and fewer vendors and networks to manage. For the end user, it means more reliability. With legacy networks, you have multiple networks, multiple providers, multiple bills, multiple points-of contact—people want to keep it simple. And if you don’t buy the simplicity argument, here’s one you can’t argue with: cost savings. With traditional systems, enterprises may have to purchase more capacity than needed and of course tons of equipment. With SIP trunking, voice and data are using a single circuit which means companies save big. What do you think about SIP trunking? Are you convinced that SIP trunking is like Facebook? That may be a stretch, but what’s true is that SIP trunking has been around for a while and is finally being taken seriously in the industry because it simplifies voice and data communication and provides a more flexible, cost-effective means of doing so. So, it may not be Facebook, but it definitely is a game-changer. Where will you be when the The UC Network comes to theatres?
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