Lantana Earns “Partner in Customer Excellence”

Lantana Earns “Partner in Customer Excellence”

We did it again folks! Earlier this month, the Lantana team found out that we earned the “Partner in Customer Excellence” designated from Avaya for the second year in a row. Avaya gives out the award in recognition for achievement of an average customer satisfaction score of 4.4 or higher, based on a five-point scale. This year, Lantana averaged a score of 4.54/5 from the 30 customers surveyed.

Lantana’s VP of Sales, Brian McCaffrey, commented on the award: “Customer satisfaction is paramount at Lantana Communications. I think our survey score reflects our commitment to meeting customer needs.”

Avaya puts a strong emphasis on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Programs as a key driver of repeat business, referrals and profit growth. That falls seamlessly with Lantana’s belief of “customer’s first.”

Lantana establishes great teamwork with our customers. We work very hard to make sure we listen and understand what our customers expect.

Karl Jackson
Lantana’s Vice President/General Manager

At Lantana, we strive to make every customer the most important and we are grateful for this award. If you are a customer, or have done business with Lantana in the past and have any comments to add, we’d love to hear from you.

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