Lantana Introduces its Answer to Your Maintenance Needs

Lantana Introduces its Answer to Your Maintenance Needs

Maintaining today’s communications systems to their optimal levels requires more than what is generally available in most standard warranty and maintenance offerings.

Application of software patches and firmware upgrades; reviewing system(s) health and realigning system parameters to meet changing business needs are all requirements facing users.

Regular maintenance offerings cover break/fix and proactive alarming. If you have a problem with software, you won’t receive help until you’ve loaded the latest patches and firmware. At a large enterprise, the change window may take time that you don’t have!

With today’s lean technical staffs, finding the time to maintain communications systems is becoming increasingly more difficult. To help address these shortfalls and others that are not offered in standard warranty and maintenance coverage, Lantana Communications is now offering Enterprise Assist.

What does the new maintenance program cover?

  • Scheduled Firmware and Software audits and updates
  • Configuration Review
  • Systems diagnostics and corrective action review
  • 1 VoIP Network Assessment (not to exceed two locations)
  • Basic systems administration training
  • Helps support compliance with most major regulation standards (HIPPA, PCI, JITC)
  • Provides system documentation: topology diagrams, configurations and Log in credentials

Paired with a standard Maintenance Agreement, Enterprise Assist gives subscribers a comprehensive offering for ensuring systems are always kept operating in optimal conditions. Call us today for more information on Enterprise Assist and other maintenance services today at 800-345-4211.

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