New, affordable whiteboard changes video conferencing

New, affordable whiteboard changes video conferencing
Want to take a video conference from interesting to effective? Few things can drive home the important points brought up in a meeting than a whiteboard. But how can the whiteboard experience of the conference room be expanded to the virtual meeting? Until now, creating a whiteboard in a video conferencing setting required an investment of more than $10,000. But now, Polycom has unveiled the first effective, affordable whiteboard solution for video conference collaboration. The Polycom UC Board costs under $2,000. It allows meeting participants to leverage their existing video display screens and mobile devices as interactive whiteboards for video collaboration. When traditional whiteboards are used in a video conference, it’s a common problem that remote participants have trouble seeing the whiteboard content, which undermines teamwork and participation. The first integrated video collaboration whiteboard technology of its kind, the Polycom UC Board is a simple, elegant and cost-effective solution combining a plug-and-play receiver and stylus for ease-of-use, and a compact design for portability. The solution transforms LCD monitors and display surfaces into a video whiteboard space so every participant can stay fully engaged. Users participating in a video meeting can also share content such as a presentation, and use the Polycom UC Board to write, annotate or highlight key points, right on top of the presentation for everyone to see in real-time. “The Polycom UC Board is the first integrated video collaboration solution to make sharing whiteboard content as easy as picking up a pen,” said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, executive vice president and general manager of UC solutions and chief development officer for Polycom. “That’s great news for organizations of all kinds looking to bring remote employees and customers in a sales presentation, brainstorm, planning meeting, or training class with clear access to all the visual content being presented and discussed.” The Polycom UC Board solution can improve communication and collaboration for a wide range of users across various professions and industries. Examples include:
  • an architect sketching the next concept for green construction
  • a doctor explaining a diagnosis or procedure to a patient
  • a student solving a problem with remote classmates
  • an advertising executive brainstorming creative storyboards and design layouts
The Polycom UC Board solution combines a compact infrared sensor that attaches to a whiteboard or LCD screen, and a wireless stylus that meeting hosts can use to sketch, write, and annotate just as they would use any pen or marker. Unlike competing whiteboard solutions, the Polycom UC Board works the moment the stylus touches the writing surface, requiring absolutely no technical skill or training to operate.

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