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Save big on your telecom expenses
This article first appeared on Best in UC. What if you could save nearly a quarter of your telecom spend – without changing carriers. Thanks to telecom expense management firms, you can. The rapidly growing area of wireless expense management is a key focus, especially for companies with 500 or more devices. This is increasingly important as more companies are allowing employees to bring their own devices to work. How do you make sure these devices are operable, but not affecting or accessing network assets? How can you increase utilization rates automatically and be notified of rate plan options that can put real cash on the bottom line? Our company works with a telecom expense management firm, which specializes in saving money for enterprise organizations. Founded in 2003 by telecom industry veterans, ProfitLink has helped more than 130 clients in 38 states reduce and control their telecom expenses. Their clients realize an average savings of 23 percent. In most cases, telecom expenses management companies do not accept payments, commissions or spiffs from carriers. For example, in the case of ProfitLink, the company sells software to give IT professionals control over their organizations’ devices, circuits and plans. With telecom expense management, managers have options, reports and intelligence needed to make better telecommunications buying decisions. ProfitLink takes a multi-pronged approach to savings telecom dollars:
  • Invoice receipt, automatic auditing and dispute management. The software checks to see if detail charges on monthly invoices add up correctly. Bills are automatically audited using up to 300 client-defined audit rules around features, long distance minutes, individual lines and more.
  • Invoice allocation, approval and payment. Telecom invoices are allocated and analyzed at the individual line level. Clients receive the bills online for approval.
  • Sourcing, ordering and service disconnect. Clients can manage information about circuits, features, service locations and users, along with the different unit costs, taxes and surcharges associated with each supplier. By knowing what the company has and how much each service costs, managers can better decide how much to buy and how much they should pay. Clients can even order additional services through ProfitLink for the best value. In addition, disconnects are tracked to ensure they are reflected in future invoices.
  • Optimizing contract management. ProfitLink creates a database to assess each client’s usage and needs. When a contract comes up for renewal, managers are armed with all the information they need – ahead of time.
  • Reporting and analytics. The software develops, schedules and delivers custom inventory and expense reports to managers at pre-defined times.
If you are interested in real, demonstrable return-on-investment, and want a firm that isn’t looking to make a buck by flipping you to another carrier, the ProfitLink demo is a must-see.  

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