Text services offer efficient options for mass communications

Text services offer efficient options for mass communications
Information – how you want it, when you want it. That’s the new standard of unified communications. Whether they work in your business or are your valued customers, stakeholders have very distinct preferences for how they wish to receive information from your organization. At the same time, the expectation that desired information be delivered in a timely manner is higher than ever. As a result, many businesses are coming to rely on text notifications, which can be delivered via a wide range of media. One method to simplify these communications is to use a text notification system. For example, Mutare offers a solution called Text Notification System (TNS), which can rapidly contact large or small groups by text, IM and email. Because it operates from a virtual server, TNS is a cost-effective alternative to other hardware-dependent systems and the perfect solution for environments with mobile or wide-spread populations such as sales organizations, college campuses, hospitals and government agencies. Rather than operating as a standalone system, TNS leverages the resources that a business already has in place. For example, email contacts can be imported into the system. Or, visitors to a company web site can opt-in to text messages, with their contact information sent directly to TNS right from the Internet. Once TNS is populated with your corporate contacts, the data can be sorted into groups and lists based upon your needs. For example, contacts can be grouped based on their location, business unit, job function, skill set, specific opt-in list, promotion or other criteria. Messages can be crafted, directed, and delivered to a specific target group in a matter of minutes. There is no limit to the number of messages, lists, or recipients the system can handle. What’s more, text broadcast messages can be generated from any browser, and then delivered to any smartphone, pager or email address. So how can your business operate more smoothly with broadcast text notifications? Here are just a few ideas:
  • During times of inclement weather, does your workforce have good information close at hand? Forget office phone trees. With a quick text broadcast, everyone would be aware of office closures, late openings and more.
  • The school or office campus is going on lockdown. Give everyone immediate information on what they should do and where they should go.
  • The sales force is competing to win incentives. With frequent updates on their standings, they’ll be more motivated than ever to perform.
  • A VIP is visiting the office, and everyone needs to be on their best behavior – right now. Let them know with a text.
  • A product team is facing an emergency. Grab everyone’s attention so they can deal with the problem – fast.
  • Your customers have asked to hear about promotions. Help close the deal by broadcasting reminders about your latest sale.
The applications are endless. Consider the ways your team could integrate text notifications into your unified communications strategy, for simpler operations and superior results.

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