Top Five Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

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Top Five Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

June 23rd, 2014

Small- to medium-sized companies in every industry are quickly adopting video conferencing to help stay connected, increase productivity, cut costs and allow them to stay ahead of their competitors in difficult economic times. With equipment becoming more affordable and the technology easier to use, video conferencing is being seen as an efficient way for businesses to communicate with employees, customers and sales prospects. Below are the top five benefits of implementing a video conference solution for your company.

  • Increase Productivity and Save Time: Sales executives can schedule more video conference call meetings in a day than in-person meetings, leading to more sales opportunities. And, video conferencing systems have features that allow users to edit and share documents and presentations in real-time, adding another dynamic to video communications.
  • Save Money and Reduce Transportation Costs: Use video conferences to develop connections among departments and work on time-sensitive projects, without having to leave your local office. Savings include hotel expenses, plane fares, fuel, per diem expenses and other travel-related costs.
  • Keep Employees Connected: Video communication helps retain valuable employees who may have to relocate or as a perk to allow them to work from home a few days each week. Employees on the road a lot can easily keep track of new policies, developments and contribute to the day-to-day operations. Additionally, excessive traveling can lead to employee burn-out. It’s not uncommon to have a flight delayed or even cancelled. Video conferencing is more reliable and ensures your meetings take place on time. Avoid the headache and stress of traveling and instead, just point and click.
  • Improve HR’s Effectiveness: Shorten time-to-hire and reach geographically dispersed, but well-qualified, candidates. According to Polycom, “HR professional say video conferencing will be their preferred method of communication in 2016,” and “video provides a 32% greater reduction in cost per hire.”
  • Maintain Customer and Partner Relationships: Non-verbal communication – gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, body movements and posture – accounts for a lot. And old-fashioned face-to-face meetings still win out over texting, emails and traditional conference calling. Video conferencing presents a happy medium. It allows for stronger and more frequent communication to help maintain relationships with customers and partners.

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