VoIP Trends in 2013

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VoIP Trends in 2013

Business VoIP service is among one of the top tech trend predictions for 2013. According to a June 2012 report from research firm TechNavio, “the global VoIP services market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.1 percent between 2011 and 2015”. Companies looking to update their outdated phone systems with VoIP and related services can realize increased productivity, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Check out what’s on the horizon this year in VoIP:

  • Remote/Mobile VoIP – Today’s workplace is no longer just at the office. Mobile VoIP gives your employees, whether they’re full-time road warriors or telecommuters, the functionality of an office phone wherever they are – at the local coffee shop, in the airport or at home.
  • Skype – Skype was acquired by Microsoft in 2011. With limited features, it is currently the low-cost VoIP option. We can expect to see changes in the coming year, especially as Microsoft has confirmed they will be discontinuing Windows Live Messenger and will be migrating users to Skype’s platform in Q1 2013.
  • UberConference – From the creator of Google Voice, Craig Walker, UberConference claims to have created “the best conference calling service ever.” The basic service is free and simplifies the process by allowing teleconference participants to dial a number to join (no PIN necessary), as well offering the option of the UberConference system dialing participants at the scheduled conference time. The service boasts plenty of helpful features, including: the ability to see who is on the call and which caller is currently speaking, social media integration to view social profiles of participants, mute and handy “earmuff” capability, and call recording with the option to download sessions. The basic service is free, and an UberConference app is available for Android and IOS.
  • Unified Communication Systems with IP Telephony – Unified communications systems are breaking down the barriers between your computer and mobile phone for streamlined communications. Integration in a single platform allows your employees to reply to an email by voice, seamlessly change from an IM to a conference call and collaborate real-time across all of your desktop and mobile tools with one interface.
  • Wholesale VoIP – Wholesale VoIP companies work with carriers to provide scalable VOIP solutions at a lower cost than traditional VoIP. Billing is based on call volume, rather than businesses paying a flat rate regardless of bandwidth used.

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