We Wish You a Secure Network – And a Happy New Year!

We Wish You a Secure Network – And a Happy New Year!

Black Friday has traditionally been the door opener for online holiday shopping; this year alone ringing in around $1 billion in online purchasing.  Last Cyber Monday passed that with almost $1.5 billion dollars in consumer spending (with over 53% of all online shopping linked back to a work computer). It doesn’t stop there; from now until Christmas, online shopping is projected to stay at record high numbers.

Work ethic will prove itself feeble against the promise of super savings this season, and not everyone is left feeling merry. Fifty-nine percent of business owners fear the loss of productivity, as well as, concerns regarding the rise of malware and other network security threats.

If business productivity, security and bandwidth are on your list this year – Christmas cometh early! Lantana Santa has put together a few fixes for your holiday woes.

  1. Productivity and the slump of your bandwidth: If everyone’s job was at the north pole building toys all day, I’m sure we’d be happy, hardworking elves 24/7/365 … but for all of us non-elves, our day to day duties can be less than jingling when put next to the glittery lure of holiday deals. But, we don’t get paid to shop – and the truth of the matter is sometimes it’s just easier not to be tempted in the first place, (Macy’s holiday window display – I’m talking to you!)
  2. The Solution: Keep your employees from those enticing savings during business hours by introducing content filtering, application intelligence to block certain sites, and control solutions to keep employees from using non business-critical apps.

  3. Seasonal security risks:The Grinch isn’t the only one sneaking around stealing presents this season. Cyber-criminals are plentiful during the holidays. Pop-up messages, phishing emails promising bountiful savings and weak passwords are all players in security breaches.
  4. The Solution: It would be nice if we could count on all of the Grinchy-hacker’s hearts growing three sizes, thus eliminating all security risks, but that’s a bit unrealistic – even at Christmas. Refresh your anti-phishing, anti-malware, web filtering and firewall solutions. 

Christmastime is a time for joy, laughter and giving. Let it also be a good time for your company to revisit security best practices so that the new year will bring ample blessings.

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