Why Lantana Decided that BYOD was Right for Us!

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Why Lantana Decided that BYOD was Right for Us!

Earlier this year, Lantana executives made the decision to embrace growing BYOD trends sweeping over the business world by equipping their sales force with iPads. Not only was this seen as a great way to demo the latest mobility applications our partners were introducing, but it allowed our IT team to understand the process and pain points so that we may better help our customers down the line.

The BYOD trends became hot earlier this year as popularity in mobility devices rose; many organizations have since considered allowing personally-owned mobile devices for business applications at work. The use of these devices gives users a new experience allowing for a high-level of automation, 24/7 communication, seamless connectivity and a plug and play ability.

A well-designed BYOD strategy pledges that personal IT devices boost employee productivity and satisfaction rates without increasing costs. It’s important to note that a true BYOD plan is more than just transferring ownership of the device to your employees. Proper installation and implementation of security measures are a must to prevent future IT headaches that are sure to come otherwise.

Lantana’s IT team understands the challenges around allowing personal devices onto the corporate infrastructure. The Lantana team has implemented different products such as the Avaya Identity Engine to help solve the security vulnerabilities caused by personal devices. Identity engines help segment devices into secure portions of the infrastructure to keep confidential information secure. An enterprise can provide access to personal devices without worrying about securing each new consumer product an employee brings into the office.

Technology is changing daily, with the introduction of BYOD – and the mobility it offers – holds tremendous promise across multiple facets of day to day business. As the adoption of this new technology spreads across the business community, we will see an exciting change in communication come along with it.

As always, we love hearing what you think. If your company has recently implemented a BYOD strategy, we’d love to talk to you and hear about your experience. If BYOD is something you are considering, contact us today for a complimentary systems assessment.

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