3 Key Areas When Considering UC

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3 Key Areas When Considering UC
3 Key Areas When Considering UC

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Whether your business is currently experiencing rapid growth, or rapid growth is on your radar, unified communications(US) offers ease of use, flexibility and scalability – all key attributes for driving business success. For some, a hosted solution is the best course of action. It provides the greatest level of responsiveness when it comes to managing the super power that is UC.

The First step is finding a solution provider that understands the needs of your organization and how a hosted solution can add value to your unique business. With Cloud communications technology constantly changing, you first need to have a solid understanding of what your goals are and how the integration of communications technology can help.

As you begin to explore and research, there are 3 key areas to pay particular attention:

  • Scalability
  • Integration of communication tools
  • Security

When considering cloud communications, one of the great benefits is the amount of flexibility it can offer.  If you’re a growing business, flexibility is of utmost importance.  If you want to improve your competitive position, support remote workers and even optimize your existing resources, then flexibility must be job one.  For cloud solutions, growth should not be an issue and can easily scale based on seasonal business, general growth or other needs of your organization.  If you’re choosing a hosted solution vs a premise based system, you can count on a solution that’s cost effective.  Based on a pay as you go vs the capital expenditure of hardware and infrastructure, you’re at an advantage when it comes to managing change as your business requires it.

If you read our previous blog on UC, you’ll remember that we talked about unified communications being a collaboration of communication tools – applications that help bring co-workers closer together, customer service agents more informed, and remote workers feeling like they’re not out in left field.  With the integration of applications like video conferencing and instant messaging, individuals who are farther apart come together more easily, information becomes more accessible, and responsiveness improves dramatically.  This is especially important for organizations that operate with multiple locations; bridging the gap and creating more effective methods of communication.  The result?  Greater employee productivity and satisfied customers.

So what are the risks?  The security of your network and data is of primary concern.  Particularly when we’re referring to data stored in the cloud.  That said, it’s worth it to explore the security issues your business may be vulnerable to and ensure that these concerns are addressed as you begin to assemble your plan.  This should be a top priority for your solution provider as well, and settle for nothing less if you are not satisfied with the answers you are getting.  One way to short circuit the time spent on a particular solution provider would be to ask for references and evaluate their successes.  One question you may ask these references would be the response time from your provider when security was at risk.

Interested in getting started?  We’ve got answers and the experience to back it up.  Contact us today to learn more about Lantana and how we can effectively integrate all the ways you live and work.  

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