5 Critical Questions for your IT Provider

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5 Critical Questions for your IT Provider

As a mid-market company, technology has enhanced the way you get things done. At the same time, you probably aren’t satisfied with modified versions of larger solutions to adapt to your business.  It’s likely that you’d rather just have a solution that’s designed to meet your needs, and the needs of your IT staff.
With the right tools (staff, servers, networks, etc.), your IT staff can reach new heights. But this also means being able to constantly feed the pipeline with the information, resources and support your organization will need in order to successfully provide full-service communications.

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan report, over 80% of mid-market companies are considering the resources of an outside communications solutions provider to develop and implement their IT strategies. With IT costs in the thousands per employee, per year, many businesses are relying on managed services support to drive their company to the next level – enabling them to advance to newer technologies, strategies and methods that will reduce the burden on their internal IT staff and increase their competitive position.

If you’re considering managed services for your network communications, keep these 5 key questions in mind as you begin talking with potential providers:

  1. What capabilities & technologies do you feel you need, but don’t currently have in your organization? This question will help you narrow down your needs, and allow you to focus on providers that offer the tools you are currently lacking.

  2. Does your potential provider offer customized solutions to fit your company’s needs? A one-size-fits-all solution may work for you today, but will it accommodate your growth plan?   Understand your providers capabilities.

  3. Do they understand your business? Your needs? The industry? What works in one market may not necessarily work in yours. Find a solution provider with a client list that resembles your business so you can be assured they’ll be familiar with your issues and requirements.

  4. If you currently (or plan to) have multiple locations, will your provider be able to manage your communications and technologies? A partner who can accommodate and easily collaborate will provide you with the security of continued service capabilities.

  5. Can the provider assist with cloud offerings when the time is right for your business? Selecting a partner with cloud experience can make your transition smooth and efficient.

Choosing the right partner with the skill set and the experience in your industry can make successful installation, management, user satisfaction and competitive edge a much easier experience. Practice due diligence with each partner you interview and work as a team to find the one that fits best. After all, your business will depend on them for growth and survival.
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