5 Reasons Why Managed Services is Good for Your Business

5 Reasons Why Managed Services is Good for Your Business

We have become increasingly dependent on IT – now more than ever.  Unless you are ready to invest in additional IT personnel, equipment and infrastructure, you should consider the benefits of managed services. Managed services allow your IT personnel to focus on what they do best – supporting the priorities of your business.  With managed services, your IT communications operations are handled by a highly qualified solution provider with experience working with companies just like yours; understanding the needs and requirements of mid-market companies.  With a managed service contract, time-consuming tasks are efficiently handled by your provider. 

This includes:

  • Managing IT Systems & Networks
  • Monitoring Activity
  • Reporting Trends & Metrics
  • Troubleshooting
Why is Managed Services important for your business?

  1. It’s more cost effective than utilizing your internal IT staff.
If your IT personnel are not experts in network communications, the downtime during breakdown of systems or outages will cost your business more money in the long run than outsourcing costs.

  1. Managed Services allows you to properly budget
The service level you choose will dictate your monthly costs – so you know what to expect.  A monthly contract makes budgeting more easily manageable and works far better than methods used by most IT consultants.

  1. The day-to-day responsibilities are outsourced, but you’re in full control.

You do not have to surrender complete control of your IT infrastructure. You decide which aspects of your network the service provider will take care of and what you want to handle. You are also informed of everything that happens in the process and management of your systems.

  1. You get ‘round the clock support.

You get support whenever you need it – day or night.  This keeps your business running smoothly without compromising the work of your employees or affecting the customer experience.

  1. It takes the pressure off of you, and your IT staff.

When you choose the right provider, they’ll make it known that you’re in good hands.  Many of our clients emphasize the fact that we really care about their business success.  And we mean it.  When your network is in the hands of experts, you are assured that somebody is there to perform the proper management and maintenance.
Leveraging managed services can be key to faster growth and greater profitability.  But the first step is choosing the right partner to help you get there.  Read more in our recent blog, then contact us directly to see how Lantana can help your business thrive.

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