4 tell-tale signs you’re ready for UC

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4 tell-tale signs you’re ready for UC
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4 tell-tale signs you’re ready for UC

If you’ve heard the term Unified Communications (UC), but haven’t learned much more about it, then it’s a good thing you’re reading this blog article!  Basically UC describes the integration of communication tools to aid in the flow of information in an enterprise.  It refers to a variety of technologies that give us greater access to customers and co-workers.  These technologies are likely tools that you’re already using, but they aren’t actually integrated with one another.  For example, may use instant messaging (chat), presence, voice (IP telephony), web and video conferencing, desktop sharing, data sharing, and more.  UC is the coming together of these tools to provide a consistent user interface and experience across multiple devices.

For most organizations, UC is made up of these 5 elements:

  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Audio/Video Conferencing
  • IP Telephony
  • Presence
  • Unified Messaging
The beauty of UC is that it’s easily accessible from most any device – your PC, tablet, Smartphone or mobile computing device. This innovation is spectacular because it literally transforms the way we work and communicate – internally and externally. Job functions that once took you out of the country or state on a regular basis to meet with customers can now be handled via video or audio conference and the quality is better than ever.  For work teams, being able to get everyone together in a room for a project update takes longer to schedule than the meeting itself!  With UC team members can dial in from anywhere to see and hear what other team members have to say.  Without skipping a beat.

The way we work, in general, has changed so much over the last decade that the ability to access the company network from home, office or your kid’s soccer practice allows us to manage that work-life balance that we so desperately need.  For field sales and service employees the ability to use their mobile device with the same features and functionality their desk phone provides gives them ultimate access to operate with clarity and confidence.

Sounds great – but what are the tangibles?

Admittedly, this all sounds great for the employee – but what about the bottom line?  It’s super easy to define and just as attractive a proposition.  With increased flexibility to do our jobs comes increased productivity, more efficient work teams, improved collaboration, happier employees and … most important … happy customers.  Increased response times to customers is the golden egg; if we can’t provide outstanding customer service and unprecedented service excellence all the time, then customer retention and loyalty becomes a wild card.
Oh – – and the best part is the ROI.  Although it may be an investment up front, the return is quick and rewarding. Your total cost of ownership dramatically decreases simply by experiencing reduced labor costs, improved productivity, lower travel and equipment costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.

How do I know if UC is right for me?

Chances are you’ve been moving along with the occasional (or perhaps frequent) day-to-day struggles that have been part of our work lives for decades, so you’re probably already a good candidate.  But here are some specific signs that you should start researching a telecom provider that can give you the relief your business needs:

  • You operate multiple locations, with each location on a separate phone system
  • Response times to customers have lengthened over the last 12-18 months
  • Call routing is often difficult, remote workers have difficulty being reached or accessing voicemail, etc.
  • Travel expense budgets have been increasingly difficult to control

When you have the right tools in place, managing workload, customer satisfaction and employee morale becomes easy.  Finding the right solution provider is an important first step to making the move to better problem resolution, greater flexibility and increased profits.

We’ve successfully deployed a fair number of UC systems that have turned these businesses around.  It’s time to start thinking about yours.  Contact us today to learn more about Lantana and how we can effectively integrate all the ways you live and work.

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