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What is Workforce Optimization
You’ve probably heard the term, and may even have a pretty good idea what it refers to, but here’s the short definition: Workforce optimization (WFO) is a strategy, focusing on boosting the customer experience through the use of integrated technologies, working together to maximize employee productivity while maintaining operational costs.

This term can certainly apply to any industry, but is a very popular method today for call center environments. In terms of the call center, WFO focuses on leveraging call recording, management reporting, and analytics to make continual improvements to processes and operational workflows.  If you’ve been working on ways to improve efficiencies in your environment, and have considered WFO, now is the time to take steps toward the effort. 

Today’s consumer is more savvy than ever, and rightfully so.  We have access to information 24/7 and know how to get what we want.  If we can’t get it from you, then we’ll be taking our business elsewhere.  As business owners and executive level managers, we get it.  Case in point:  A recent Gartner report predicted that by the end of 2018, 70% of organizations with more than 300 contact center agents will be working with an integrated workforce optimization solution, either on-premise or in the cloud.   That’s not to say that a contact center with fewer than 300 agents won’t find it necessary, but call centers of that size are much less flexible and have a tougher time keeping up with customer expectations.

If maintaining (or even improving) your competitive advantage is of importance to you, then begin with a list of priorities in your business and work with a solution provider to determine the available technologies best suited for your business.  WFO is a process change that will affect your entire organization, so be sure to assemble a broad-based team to represent all departments.  Not to worry, many applications are geared toward being quick to onboard with very intuitive interfaces, so ROI can be maximized. 

For a quick overview of WFO and how it can serve, check out this great video from Avaya, and then give us a shout to help you out!  http://bit.ly/2ctQqDs

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