Could the Twits be on to Something?

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Could the Twits be on to Something?

How social media has the power to affect your online marketing strategy. One question popping up around just about everyone’s water cooler these days seems to be “Why social media?” Traditionally the only ones engaged in deep-routed relationships with this informational outlet were ego-fed celebrities and homework-dodging adolescents with nothing better to do with their time. Lately these sites have been wooing quite a different crowd. According to a recent study by Burson-Marstellar, 79 percent of fortune 100 companies are engaging in at least one of the main social platforms to communicate with their customers; 20 percent are using all four of the social media giants (twitter, facebook, youtube and blogging.) So what’s behind this big “Ah-ha?” …well we came up with three pretty cool concepts.


#1 – Brand awareness. Not to state the obvious, but when has a little free advertising ever hurt anyone? Today, efficiency is at your fingertips when it comes to getting the message out there. From product announcements to new hires – press releases on company hot topics have been reduced to 140 characters or less. Emails are embedded with icons linked to social media sites where customers can get a more personal feel for the company they are doing business with. These outlets create a useful immediacy about the workplace never seen before. It takes the hassle and expense out of traditional branding practices.

#2 – Protecting your product. How well do you really know what people are saying about your product? #Hashtags on Twitter and the new Google Instant can both help you know exactly where you stand in the marketplace when it comes to customer satisfaction. In a report done by “Social Media Today,” it was said that Twitter users are far more likely to follow brands and companies than the rest of the social networkers. Twitter users were also said to more frequently exchange information about products and services. Seeing where you stand against the competition and combating the opposition has never been easier.

#3 – Collaboration. Arguably the most important benefit the corporate world can gain from the social media burst is allowing room for something other than the commercial voice to be heard. Empowering the consumer with the right tools to be heard not only provides viable feedback for your business, but also cultivates lasting relationships with your clients. Today, hours after a new product is launched, you can go online and find out exactly what the rest of the world thinks.Status updates have quickly become the fastest way to the rawest form of consumer reporting. The lines of communication are open, and the new transparency this forum has created seems to benefit everybody involved.

To quote iStrategy, one of today’s leading global online marketing sites, “Participation in social media is no longer revolutionary …it’s crucial.” So – have you tweeted today?

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