Top 5 benefits of unified communications

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Top 5 benefits of unified communications
It’s a question we hear frequently: what benefits will we really see from embracing unified communications? At the outset, most unified communications (UC) strategies seem rather touchy-feely. It can be difficult for the layperson to immediately grasp the true, measurable benefits of UC, much less the softer, less-obvious ones. After all, this is a completely different way of looking at how your team members communicate with customers, vendors and each other. Here’s a short rundown of the top five benefits of UC. Consider how these could revolutionize your business:
  1. Improved productivity. Right now, you might have an office phone, a personal mobile phone, a business mobile phone, and two or three email accounts. Not to mention a fax line, a Facebook account, IM handles and more. With a solid UC strategy, you no longer have to chase after all of these accounts and actively manage them in different venues. Instead, you can seamlessly transition from one mode of communication to another in a single interface. Emails and phone calls follow you, instead of you chasing them. Because it’s easier and less time-consuming to manage communication, the quality of communication increases. Soon, you’ll find customers and team members alike reveling in the benefits.
  2. True mobility. More than ever, team members are on the go. Some travel, others work at clients’ sites, while still others maintain a home office or branch office. With UC, it’s easier than ever to get access to all of your communications systems – remotely or on site. No more missed calls or blocked emails.
  3. Working together – effectively. With UC, team members can collaborate in a number of different ways. For example, at businesses that have embraced instant messaging, co-workers enjoy immediate access to the information they need most. With the click of a mouse, an instant message with another team members or customer can be transformed into a phone conversation or a conference call. Team members can more easily share data, documents and ideas. In fact, they can even work on a document together, from different locations. This seamless teamwork eliminates misunderstandings, does away with multiple drafts of the same documents, and improves efficiency.
  4. Long-term cost savings. For most organizations, IT staff members spend a great deal of time managing email, telephony and other communications systems. With UC, these important communications tools can be managed as a single entity. This reduces the cost of both hardware and software, while also reducing the labor spent on maintenance. For companies that select hosted UC solutions, the savings are even greater.
  5. Big-company tools for a small-company budget. More than ever, small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) are struggling to maintain their technologies. Everybody wants the high-end software and tools they need to excel at their jobs. Yet they probably have a typically lean SMB budget. UC offers a big bang for the technology buck, elevating the quality and ease of communications to the level seen at large enterprises. The resulting productivity and customer service easily pay for the initial investment.

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