Avaya Presents Options for Nortel Customers Looking to Migrate

Avaya Presents Options for Nortel Customers Looking to Migrate

In late 2010, shortly after Avaya completed the acquisition of the Nortel Enterprise solution department, they announced their roadmap which included their decision to move forward with IP Office 500 as the only SMB product. This left many Nortel owners with questions and decisions that needed to be made. To address these concerns, Avaya created an evolution path that centered around building upon customers’ existing investments rather than replacing them. Here at Lantana, we thought the programs were too good not to share.

Available now is a suite of promotions and programs to help companies make gentle investments in solutions that drive business excellence:

  • Trade in, Trade Up:Trade in your current equipment and if accepted into the program we’ll give you cash back to apply to your new Avaya system.
  • Buy Back Program: We pay cash if we purchase your qualified equipment you no longer need. Avaya and non-Avaya equipment is considered. No purchase required.
  • Financing Programs: If it appreciates buy it, if it depreciates lease it and we all know that most technology depreciates quickly.
  • Refurbished Equipment Programs: If you want a set replaced or want to add more phones to your system or have general servicing needs – refurbished equipment is a very cost-effective alternative.
  • Deciding whether or not its time to upgrade is only a decision you can make for your company. Every technology has a useful life – that’s when it performs the way it was intended to and adds value to your business. But once it stops being useful, upgrading is one of the best choices if you don’t want to risk cost of business disruptions when technology suddenly fails, the cost of paying for an expensive repair or even opportunity costs.

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