Lantana Partners with Coraid to Provide Better Storage

Lantana Partners with Coraid to Provide Better Storage

In April of 2012, Lantana Communications entered into a reseller agreement with Coraid for storage solutions.

Coraid EtherDrive solutions provide enterprises of all sizes with flexible, high performance Ethernet SAN storage. Coraid uniquely delivers the fundamental building blocks for scaling out storage projects for virtualization, high performance computing, and cloud storage.

Coraid EtherDrive storage solutions deliver breakthrough price-performance and simplicity using a new generation of Ethernet SAN technology. Products include:

    EtherDrive SRX-Series Storage Arrays
    • Up to 108 TB capacity, 6 x 1 Gb Ethernet or 2 x 10 Gb Ethernet, SATA/SAS/SSD drives, 1800+ MB/s
    • High-performance Ethernet SAN, starting under $500/TB
    • Ideal for primary storage, high-performance virtual computing, and video
    EtherDrive VSX-Series Appliances
    • No-single-point-of-failure, mirroring, storage virtualization, snapshots, clones, and replication
    EtherDrive SAN Manager
    • Monitor and configure storage as a pooled resource
    • REST API for programmatic control

“We recognize the demand for storage is ongoing” says Lantana’s Vice President of Sales, Brian McCaffrey, “… and we are excited to be partnering with Coraid to deliver best-in-class storage.”

Thousands of organizations deploying virtualization now require networked storage, and Coraid EtherDrive delivers an ideal blend of high-performance, low cost and simplicity.

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    Server virtualization has transformed the datacenter and is changing all aspects of IT operations — including greater demands on storage and availability, and unexpected bottlenecks in performance.

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