New LifeSize Phone Puts Video Conferencing at Your Fingertips

New LifeSize Phone Puts Video Conferencing at Your Fingertips

New LifeSize Phone

Can high-end video conferencing equipment really be intuitive and easy to use?

With the new LifeSize Phone, the answer is a resounding , “Yes!”

In late February, LifeSize released the second generation of its LifeSize Phone, the first touch-screen conference phone optimized for HD video conferencing. The phone elevates the overall user experience for audio and video conferencing by making it simple to use and easy to navigate, ultimately driving broader adoption and accessibility.

In the past, team members who are new to video conferencing have been intimidated by the technology. Systems that rely on remote controls seem complex to some users.

That’s why LifeSize designed a conference phone for its video conferencing systems that is exceptionally easy to use, while also featuring high-end audio quality.

The phone features touch-based navigation and directory dialing, as well as control of data sharing and cameras, all with a streamlined, video-optimized user interface (UI). By creating an improved user experience with advanced collaboration tools and removing the complexity of remote-control dialing, LifeSize is truly simplifying video conferencing usage and reducing the IT burden of video system management.

This means even inexperienced users can easily share content, control cameras, change layouts, add callers and more.

“LifeSize’s key principle has always been relentless innovation and, in applying that to the creation of our new phone, we’ve redefined the user interaction with video calling,” said Michael Helmbrecht, vice president and general manager, video solutions for LifeSize. “Our goal with the second-generation LifeSize Phone was to design a product so simple to use, anyone could walk into a conference room and be instantly engaged in a productive meeting over video. By making the act of video calling instinctive while also taking advantage of more advanced collaboration features, we’re helping drive mass adoption of video calling throughout the enterprise.”

The LifeSize phone allows users to manage both video and audio video capabilities from one location. In addition, the phone itself offers high-definition audio, thanks to advanced beam-forming technology that steers microphones to the location of the speaker and reduced room noise. This means everyone in the conference room can be heard, no matter where they are sitting. There is no need to huddle over the phone or move the phone during calls.

Best-in-class frequency response is achieved through a powerful loudspeaker driver in a large, acoustically suspended speaker enclosure, which reduced distortion and makes voices and conversations more true-to-life. It’s as if callers are sitting across the room from each other.

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