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Partner Profile: NetClarity

July 9th, 2013

At Lantana Communications, we strive to give our customers the best possible solutions for their communications infrastructure. To that end, we collaborate with the top technology manufacturers in the industry. To give you all a little more insight into why we’ve chosen to team up with each of these fantastic companies, over the next several months we’ll be posting a series of blog entries – one on each of our partners every month – in our Partner Profile series.

This month we’d like to discuss a global leader in Next Generation (NG) Network Access Control (NAC) products and technology, NetClarity.

The World’s Only Plug-N-Play NAC Provider

Founded in 2003, NetClarity is privately held. With 12 patents filed, issued and pending, NetClarity’s strong commitment to innovation is groundbreaking. Their NACwall appliances increase the quality of audit and compliance reporting and decrease the time, effort and expense in doing so. These solutions are scalable and cost-effective for small business networks through large global enterprises consisting of hundreds of branch offices.

NetClarity’s technology was named one of the 20 most innovative technology solutions in 20 years and received Five Stars across the board through independent lab testing at SC Labs. SC Labs now even uses their NACwall equipment to test for holes in the latest network security products that have been submitted to their lab for testing and review.

BYOD, Solved

The bring your own device (BYOD) to work revolution may keep most of your employees happy, but is often a pain for the IT department. We all want to able to use our favorite smartphones at work, but IT is stuck with trying to support multiple devices, keep sensitive enterprise data secure and make it all work together seamlessly. This becomes even more challenging in the small and midsize business (SMB) market, where IT staffs are so often already stretched thin.

NACwall appliances mitigate all of the major risks in the BYOD dilemma by:

  • Identifying ALL network attached devices
  • Limiting access to valuable resources and data
  • Quarantining untrusted or unsecure devices
  • Allowing trusted devices automatically

More than Network Access Control (NAC)
Includes zero-day malware protection, asset discovery and analysis, vulnerability assessment and compliance reporting – all in one appliance that is not in-line with your traffic and requires no agents.

Ideal for BYOD and Guest Networking Situations
Always know the trusted assets on your network, as well as the untrusted assets trying to gain access to your network – block or quarantine devices easily from the web-based portal.

Secure Your Network with Best-of-Breed Tools
NACwall appliances provide you with the same level of security that Fortune 500 companies receive at a fraction of the cost. Smaller companies are not exempt from breaches and typically have a larger target on their back since they are.

NetClarity’s network access security device is an integral part of our Integrated Core Communications Solution (ICCS) a unique purpose-built open systems architecture (SIP) that delivers a scalable solution crucial for your keeping your company’s data secure.

Learn more about NetClarity, as well as our other Partners.

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