Partner Profile: Palo Alto Networks

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Partner Profile: Palo Alto Networks

August 15th, 2013

At Lantana Communications, we strive to give our customers the best possible solutions for their communications infrastructure. To that end, we collaborate with the top technology manufacturers in the industry. To give you all a little more insight into why we’ve chosen to team up with each of these fantastic companies, over the next several months we’ll be posting a series of blog entries – one on each of our partners every month – in our Partner Profile series.

The Network Security Company

Palo Alto Networks is a groundbreaking network security company that’s been generating a lot of industry buzz due to its innovative next-generation firewalls/Intrusion Prevention Service. These award-winning solutions are unlike any other firewalls/IPS on the market, allowing organizations to embrace Web 2.0, while mitigating threats and risks associated with today’s application-centric network traffic. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that Palo Alto Networks was founded by Nir Zuk, one of the original engineers at Check Point and the inventor of stateful Inspection technology, which is used in all firewalls today. Palo Alto Networks firewalls have already been installed in over 4500 enterprise companies worldwide, including many Fortune 1000 organizations.

Next-Generation Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks developed the next-generation firewall, because, let’s face it, applications have changed. Their security platform – a combination of next-generation firewall and threat prevention technologies – protects networks from known threats, as well as targeted or custom malware, hacking tools and command-and-control techniques that enable Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Built from the ground up for today’s Internet-powered enterprise, Gartner has recommended that enterprises looking at a firewall re-fresh and/or IPS project consider next-generation firewalls that give IT organizations complete visibility and control of all the Internet applications that are currently bypassing security infrastructures and flooding corporate networks.

Safely Enabling Applications

Palo Alto Networks unique appliances identify traffic based by application, user and content – rather than by the traditional port- based identification. These firewalls offer a breadth of capabilities you won’t find in any other firewalls, including three important features:

      The ability to see and control more than 1,100 applications traversing the network – regardless of port, protocol or evasive tactic – including identifying encrypted SSL applications.
      Integration with Microsoft Active Directory to identify the specific users of every application – not just IP address.
      Powerful content control capabilities to prevent a wide range of threats, block unauthorized file transfers and control unproductive web surfing.

Together, these three capabilities really help IT organizations to regain control of the network and safely leverage the Internet to minimize the risks, while maximizing the rewards.

All in all, we think we have a good thing going with Palo Alto. Learn more about Palo Alto Networks, as well as our other Partners.

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  1. Get Smart

    Using a Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, your security team can strike an appropriate balance between blocking all personal-use applications and allowing them. Secure application enablement begins with first knowing exactly what applications are being used and by whom. That knowledge is then effectively translated into positive control model firewall policies that extend beyond traditional allow or deny. The third and final solution component is the ability to securely enable applications without degrading firewall performance.

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