Partner Profile: Ruckus Wireless

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Partner Profile: Ruckus Wireless

June 11th, 2013

At Lantana Communications, we strive to give our customers the best possible solutions for their communications infrastructure. To that end, we collaborate with the top technology manufacturers in the industry. To give you all a little more insight into why we’ve chosen to team up with each of these fantastic companies, over the next several months we’ll be posting a series of blog entries – one on each of our partners every month – in our new Partner Profile Series.

To kick it off, we’d like to highlight a pioneer in the wireless infrastructure arena, Ruckus Wireless.

What’s all the Ruckus about?

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. is a global supplier of carrier-class, Smart Wi-Fi products and technologies and competes in the global market for mobile Internet infrastructure solutions and enterprise wireless LAN systems.

Since commencing operations in 2004, Ruckus has received more than 35 awards for industry-leading product performance and company success, boasts over 75 patents and just held their IPO in November 2012 (RKUS). Keeping flexibility, reliability and affordability in mind, Ruckus endeavors to address three basic issues – interference, integration and scalability. Their ultimate goal is Pervasive Performance – a combination of innovative features needed to deliver the most consistent and highest-speed wireless performance possible.

So, what is “Smart Wi-Fi”?

Ruckus smart Wi-Fi is a collection of patented technology breakthroughs designed to extend the range and reliability of wireless signals and reduce the cost and complexity of conventional wireless LAN (WLAN) deployments. These include:

  • BeamFlex: Wi-Fi technique employing an intelligent wireless antenna system that continuously “steers” Wi-Fi transmissions to high-quality signal paths for exceptional performance and reliability
  • SmartCast: advanced traffic engineering and quality of service system that classifies, prioritizes and queues traffic, to ensure high-quality transmissions
  • SmartSec: collection of advanced security mechanisms, including the ability to dynamically generate pre-shared keys, plus role-based user access, wireless client isolation and wireless intrusion detection
  • SmartMesh: state-of-the-art RF routing system that provides the ability to construct an adaptive, resilient, reliable high-speed wireless mesh network
  • 802.11n: raising the standard for Wi-Fi delivery

We’re so impressed with Ruckus and their technology that we’ve incorporated their wireless infrastructure as a key component of our Integrated Core Communications Solution (ICCS), a unique purpose-built open systems architecture (SIP) that delivers a scalable solution crucial for business continuity.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt that the favorite company food for Ruckus is chili cheese fries. 🙂

Learn more about Ruckus Wireless, as well as our other Partners.

  1. Silver Price

    Ruckus Wireless competes in three distinct markets: 1) wireless broadband access 2) enterprise wireless LANs and 3) mobile operator infrastructure. These multi-billion dollar markets are all being driven by the explosion of Wi-Fi-enabled devices and multimedia services that have raised the expectation for more reliable and ubiquitous Wi-Fi access. Ruckus Wireless is positioned to exploit and capitalize on these markets with unique and patented technology that brings new levels of reliability, range and performance to Wi-Fi infrastructures.

  2. Kip R. Nash

    Fortunately, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi provides the technology that gives schools a cost-effective wireless infrastructure that’s in a class by itself. Ruckus BeamFlex technology uses a high gain adaptive antenna array that monitors the environment and automatically finds the best signal path to each client. It provides robust, complete coverage and summa-cum-laude performance—at an affordable price.

  3. Johnie Gibbs

    The competition among wireless equipment manufacturers is fierce, and to climb to the top of wireless-Ruckus decided to invest in innovation. BeamFlex, a smart antenna WiFi technology, allows for three times the range and performance. When combined with their ChannelFly technology, their networks provide eight times greater coverage. In wireless-Ruckus ’ Smartmesh technology, not only allows WiFi to operate in locations difficult or impossible to reach by a wired access point, but also mitigates interference to minimize dropped connections and signal interference.

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