The Tablet – Is it Here to Stay?

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The Tablet – Is it Here to Stay?

It’s here folks – whether or not you like it, and regardless of if you are ready. The adoption of tablets in the business world has officially taken place. The use of the tablet is no longer vertical-specific, nor is there a designated title in the office we can tag as owners of these devices. The phenomenon has spread through the industries, designating itself as a new way to do business.

According to Gartner, worldwide media tablet sales are forecasted to reach 118.9 million units in 2012, a 98 percent increase from 2011 sales. With this type of growth, as well as the booming BYOD fad, IT professionals have to seriously think about what this means for their employees.

One thing is apparent – there are a lot of choices. Apple dominates the industry with the iPad, but there are plenty of other devices out there for consumers to choose from. Video conferencing vendors have the challenge of styling their software so it works no matter what device the end user has chosen. There must be an “anyone/anywhere” approach taken so that every user has the best quality, no matter what device they choose to bring.

When looking for a video conferencing system in today’s business world, you must consider the tablet as a key player. No matter where you are, or what device you are conferencing from – the experience should stay streamlined when it comes to quality level.

LifeSize is the only company that addresses the “anyone/anywhere” issue with the most continuous addition of new device support. Today, LifeSize supports over 40 mobile devices. This is more than Polycom, Cisco and Vidyo combined.

Where is your company at today when it comes to BYOD and video conferencing?

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