TCU Gives Testimony to Lantana’s Excellent Customer Service!

TCU Gives Testimony to Lantana’s Excellent Customer Service!

Earlier this month I had the chance to sit down with TCU’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Travis Cook, about the recent technology upgrades Lantana helped the horned frogs with. We are happy to announce he had nothing but wonderful things to say about the Lantana sales and engineering team!

LC: Tell me a little bit about Texas Christian University?
TCU: Texas University is a private university in the heart of Fort Worth. Our current enrollment is approximately ten thousand and we have approximately two thousand faculty and staff. TCU is undergoing quite a transformation in our physical appearance. We recently remodeled our football stadium and we are quite proud of it. It is a state of the art facility loaded with technology. We are also adding two new sophomore and 23 new Greek residential buildings, a dedicated dining hall for sophomore and Greeks, as well as expanding our library, adding academic and intellectual commons buildings, as well as a building showcasing our energy institute. All of these projects are projected to be completed by 2020.

LC: What is your job title and role?
TCU: My current role is as the Deputy Chief Technology Officer. I am responsible for voice, data and CATV networks. I am also responsible for the university’s network infrastructure, distributed antennae system, cellular service and the university printer fleet.

LC: What was the initial business challenge that led you to upgrading your communications system?
TCU: We were operating on a fairly old CM load that was no longer supported by Avaya and our fiber based method of connectivity and redundancy was being phased out by Avaya. It was a matter of staying somewhat current with the Avaya technology roadmap.

LC: Can you describe the process of choosing the new solution?
TCU: We enlisted Lantana as our technology business partner. We needed a solution that fit the university’s needs. Our main focus was to ensure that we implemented a solution that ensured that we maintained our current level of reliability while keeping the security of our network as we transitioned from a point-to-point topology to a network-based routed topology.

LC: What problems is the solution helping you solve?
TCU: One green feature that we were able to use right away was the ability to make an IP phone act like an analog ring down. We use these types of connections during the football games for communications between the stadium broadcast and operations booths down to the TV trucks. Another plus was the expanded vector entries. We have some complex vectors that were greatly simplified by not having to jump from one vector to another due to capacity limitations.

LC: Was Lantana’s performance satisfactory in the sales and installation process?
TCU: The Lantana team is the best! They are very attentive and responsive to our needs. They are also very proactive in informing us of services that might benefit TCU. We could not have accomplished this upgrade and topology change without their technical expertise.

LC: What would you say to a company like yours going through the same issues? Any advice?
TCU: Be careful when evaluating partners and choose wisely. We are glad of the choice that we made with Lantana Communications.

Check back next month for another Lantana success story.

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