8x8 Experience Communications Platform™

Modern communication experiences powering business agility

The rise of texting, social, and other digital communication mediums has fragmented business communications. Additionally, multi-device and work anywhere practice only increase the challenge to get a 360-degree view of both employees and customers.

The cloud communications conundrum

Cloud communication tools today help solve critical parts of this puzzle, enabling digital communications and hybrid working. But they have broken the link that a historical enterprise-wide communication tool provided across all employees. Today, many organizations are split, with business users connected by unified phone, video, and messaging, and contact center agents on a separate cloud platform for inbound, digital, and outbound customer communications.This split puts an undue burden on the IT organization to support multiple disparate solutions that fail to spread information quickly and effectively throughout an organization. And when organizations engage with customers only through their lower-paid employees in the contact center, it’s harder to improve both customer and employee experience. Luckily, there’s a better way.

The answer: Experience Communications as a Service (XCaaS)

XCaaS by 8×8 provides the only integrated cloud platform for contact center, voice, video, chat, and APIs. The 8×8 Experience Communications Platform™ empowers enterprises with modern communication experiences, boosts employee productivity, delights customers, and reveals deeper insights for smarter decisions and a more agile business.8×8 provides one open integration framework to connect to productivity tools like Microsoft Teams and CRM systems, saving implementation time and maintenance dollars. Embeddable APIs enable low-code, no-code customized experiences, especially in the contact center with more robust omnichannel possibilities.

Why 8x8 XCaaS?

Agile company-wide collaboration

Transform your organization into an agile enterprise with tailored employee and customer experiences for all roles.

Scalable communications with unified administration capabilities

Provision, configure, manage, and monitor all of your communications with one administration interface.

Single integration framework that accelerates every workflow

Easily connect popular business and CRM apps, and help your teams achieve new levels of productivity without complexity or cost.

Intelligent cross-platform insights and analytics

Make better decisions with unified journey analytics across all your employee and customer interactions channels.

Reliable global communications from a single vendor

One guaranteed 99.999% SLA for all your communications.