Analytics for 8x8 Work API

Analytics for 8x8 Work provides detailed insights from all of the communications across your business, from that important sales call to the weekly team sync via video meeting. Make better decisions. Combine your communications data with your business systems via the Analytics for 8x8 Work API.

Call Detail Records (CDR) API

Call detail records enables you to trace specific calls within selected time frames, to see:

  • How the call was routed
  • Who answered the call
  • How long the call lasted
  • If the call was placed on hold
  • The call hold duration
  • Who disconnected the call

Calls are provided with one CDR per call leg, making
it easy to understand complex call patterns and
other important information across your business.

Company Summary API

Obtain summary call activity that occurred across the company. Key call metrics are available such as: