A Perfect Team: 8×8 and Kansas City Royals Join Forces

The following blog post is based on the article located at https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200730005063/en/Kansas-City-Royals-Gear-Baseball-8×8.

The Kansas City Royals have pursued a digital transformation initiative this year to enhance and upgrade their communications. Luckily, 8×8’s Open Communications Platform offered the Major League Baseball organization the perfect solution. With more than 500 points of communication needed by the organization, the project was no small task.

8×8 has successfully stepped up to the plate and was able to implement their system into the Royals’ infrastructure earlier this year. When the Covid-19 crisis struck, the need for high-quality communications within the MLB organization became urgent, and the 8×8 team was able to deploy their services a week ahead of schedule.

Brian Himstedt, Senior Director of Technology at the Kansas City Royals, said the following about the deployment of 8×8’s services: “… not only was it seamless, it was invaluable in helping us avoid major disruption.” Additionally, Himstedt stated that “As a result [of the early deployment], we have realized benefits more quickly than planned as usage of 8×8’s single integrated desktop and mobile apps for communication and collaboration are now firmly entrenched with our employees.”

Lantana Communications prides itself on partnering with exceptional companies like the team at 8×8. The success realized by the Kansas City Royals is no surprise, as 8×8 offers industry leading, high quality services and products. Call us today to speak with one of our specialists to learn how your business can experience a win with LC Voice Powered by 8×8.