Avaya Mobile Experience

Avaya Mobile Experience™

Adapting toll-free service for the mobile world

If you have a contact center, you likely have one or more toll-free numbers. But today’s toll-free service is hampering your ability to deliver an enhanced customer experience to your mobile callers, improve operational efficiencies, and drive your digital transformation. To bridge the gap between the limitations your current toll-free service and the ever-growing number of mobile callers, you need Avaya Mobile Experience. Unique in the marketplace, this patented, cloud-based toll-free and DID service adapts your inbound voice service to the mobile world. You can use Avaya Mobile Experience with any contact center to:

  • Identify mobile callers
  • Gather verified mobile caller information
  • Offer mobile callers the ability to switch from a voice to a digital interaction
  • Deliver an enhanced customer experience to all callers
  • Reduce toll-free charges
  • Adapt quickly to changing business needs
  • Drive your digital transformation