Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: How the Cloud Can Help

The following blog post is based on Brian Schwartz’ three-part blog series from our partners at 8×8 about business continuity and disaster recovery.

Business continuity and disaster recovery may be at the bottom of the list of things your company wants to address. However, having a plan for the unexpected can truly make all the difference in the world when the worst-case scenario becomes a reality. Our partners at 8×8 have developed the three R’s of business continuity and disaster recovery: Readiness, Responsiveness, and Resilience.

  • Readiness: According to Brian Schwartz at 8×8, “Business readiness is being prepared to adapt to fast-changing circumstances that impact your organization.”
  • Responsiveness: Schwartz states, “Being responsive to employee needs means providing them with the tools to be successful wherever they need to be.”
  • Resilience: “… [Helping] customers stay resilient … by producing a steady stream of business continuity resources to help customers solve current challenges and plan ahead for future disruptions” is key, according to Schwartz.

The cloud enables companies to overcome obstacles and challenges amidst a crisis of any kind. Schwartz says, “The cloud was built for moments when the unexpected happens—during good events and bad ones.” LC Voice Powered by 8×8 is designed to keep your business agile and flexible, so your team can feel confident facing the unknown. Call us today to learn how Lantana Communications’ services can keep your team ready, responsive, and resilient.