Healthcare is Going Digital in Texas: The Role of 8×8

Two of the three U.S. cities with the worst internet connection are in Texas. Texas HB 5 is changing this by fortifying and expanding interstate internet access. For telehealth workers and telemedicine patients, hope for a better-connected Texas is becoming reality.
Lantana Communications is helping connect Texas by providing new and existing healthcare customers with all-in-one communications. We have experience serving Texas hospitals as well as greater Texas for over 30 years. We know that healthcare communications must be secure, reliable, and efficient. Our 8×8 healthcare communication services are completely HIPAA compliant, including encrypted messaging and phone calls. In addition, our wireless router services are user-friendly and serve as an excellent backup to cloud solutions. Lantana Communications believes that fostering customer relationships is the best way to do business- “People buy from People”. Call today at 1 (800) 71TEXAS for a free consultation or to hear about our cyber security solutions.