Make Your Financial Services Company ‘Cyber- Secure’ with Lantana Communications

Cyber crime costs 40% more for companies in the financial services sector than it costs for companies in any other sector. With the rate of internet crimes increasing by 59% from 2019 to 2020, now could not be a more important time to protect your business. Lantana Communications offers Texas companies 3 pillars of comprehensive cyber security through our partner ArmorPoint. First, our managed detection response solution finds possible internal and external cyber threats and sends remediation scripts to combat cyber attacks. Our threat detection response notifies the user in normal language, so there is no need for an IT specialist to translate. Lantana Communications also takes care of your SIEM needs (Security, Informatics, and Event Management) on one unified dashboard for accessible use. Lastly, we cover your intrusion detection needs by notifying you with alerts and risk scores. Lantana Communications offers you a human- managed security package, with machine-speed functionality. We cover all your cyber protection needs at an affordable price.

We are offering a 1.5 hour consultation which includes a risk vulnerability assessment at a $2,500 value for free, no obligations. Call us today at 1 (800) 659-3361 and take advantage of this opportunity.