Microsoft Teams: How to Enhance your Experience

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Our partners at 8×8 have developed a voice platform that is designed to complement Microsoft Teams in ways that will ultimately create a more satisfying and holistic experience for users. When your company integrates 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams, you can expect the following benefits:

  • A consistent Microsoft Teams experience – Because 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams integrates with the Microsoft Phone System via Direct Routing, there is no change to the Teams user experience for making and receiving calls.
  • A truly global presence – 8×8’s voice communications platform has a truly global presence, with full PSTN access in 38 countries, DIDs and toll-free numbers in 120+ countries and unlimited calling plans in up to 47 countries.
  • One open platform for all employees – With 8×8, all your employees can communicate with each other as well as externally on a single communications platform, regardless of whether they are Teams users or not.
  • Enterprise grade telephony – With multiple geo-redundant data centers located around the globe, 8×8’s industry leading availability ensures that every call gets connected.
  • An experience that goes beyond just telephony – With 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams, you’ll have access to native business application integrations, native contact center integration, and analytics.

Lantana Communications is proud to partner with 8×8 and to supply our customers with this technology-enhancing product. Call us today to learn how we can implement 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams into your business!