Quality Connectivity When You Need It Most

Many of our clients have had to shift their employees to work remotely from home over the past six weeks. Our solution architects and engineers deployed and trained on over 1,500 remote worker licenses. The people that had to make this shift worked in many different fields, including Health Care, Energy, Legal, Logistics, and many more. 

We learned while working with our clients that providing connectivity was not good enough. In fact, poor connectivity caused more frustration than no connectivity. Jitter, dropped calls, and poor video quality are all symptoms of an inadequate connection. Unfortunately, most employers are not able to dictate the type and quality of home internet connection that their employees use. In many cases there are limited options available. 

Our clients need a solution that can deliver quality connectivity over many different types of internet connections; a solution that is designed to work in the cloud. That is why Lantana chose 8×8 to power our LC Voice product. 8×8 is a single platform providing one system of engagement for communication, collaboration, and data access. The system was purpose built to work in the cloud and to deliver quality connectivity, regardless of how it is connected to the internet. 

If your business is struggling to maintain quality connectivity as you shift to a virtual office, please call us. We understand how to design, deploy, and maintain solid systems with the lowest possible total cost of ownership. We are here to help, and we have the expertise and tools to provide you with the highest quality service and experience.