Unified Communications from Lantana

Unified communications is a service that has the ability to strengthen your company by consolidating the tools your team uses to stay connected. Essentially, unified communications brings together the many disparate communications technologies that exist in business environments today, delivering business agility and simplifying the communications architecture.

The 8×8 Unified Communications solution from Lantana merges the necessary technologies to empower your team through streamlined, smooth communication. Specifically, the solution brings together the boundaries between these once separate modes of communication, providing many significant benefits for your business. Lantana’s Unified Communications group of applications provides users with network and device independent access to a wide array of productivity applications.

The following include some of the benefits your business could experience when using Lantana’s Unified Communications solution:

  • Workers are more efficient and productive with one familiar interface to access many communication applications independent of their work location.
  • Regardless of the communication device, only a single contact number is required, improving customer responsiveness and satisfaction.
  • Collaboration and the speed of decision making are facilitated for both customers and employees with the unification of telephony, calendars, corporate directory, presence, conferencing, and instant messaging.
  • Bringing services such as conferencing and mobility solutions in-house and taking advantage of enterprise dialing plans can significantly reduce communications costs. These capabilities also allow for the development of business continuity strategies as users are already equipped to work from multiple locations.
  • Support for environmental initiatives includes reducing the number of individual systems and power requirements that a business must support, reducing employee travel into the office and minimizing the amount of floor space in an office.

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