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Lantana Communications and Armor Point combine the perfect blend of cutting edge technology and expert-led managed security services to reduce your risk without hiring more staff.

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Lantana X Armor Point

Cyber Security Solution

Close the gaps created by patchwork security solutions and implement a highly effective, future-proof security plan managed by seasoned cyber security experts. With Armor Point, technology team can eliminate never ending alert fatigue, simplify multiple console complexity, and resolve inconsistent operations – all for a fraction of what you’d spend with other providers.

Threat Detection and Response

Quickly identify and mitigate network threats as they happen in real time.

IT Incident Management

Ensure the network is secure and at  safe operating levels after any setback.

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)

Quickly identify and mitigate network threats as they happen in real time.

System Performance Monitoring

Monitor IT performances of the entire network stack right now to the endpoint.

Event Log Management

Record, store, and organize event logs and usage data for any network component.

Customizable Security Processes

Adjust and control every facet of your security efforts through a single pane of glass.

Real-time Event Correlation

Immediately catch and isolate events that could pose a serious threat to the business

User & Entity Baselining

Detect anonmalous user behavior to stop malicious acts before they start.

Compliance Reporting and Management

Easily pull reports and essential data to display compliance at a moment’s notice.

The beauty of this product is its simplicity.

Maxwell Larimer, CTO at Steal Entry

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